Dr. Kianna Zielesch, Ph.D.

PSY 21767

Combining her experience as a Psychologist, Fire Captain, and Trauma Specialist, Dr. Zielesch provides compassionate and nonjudgmental care for emergency responders, military, and their families. For over twenty years, she has been providing psychological services that focus on trauma treatment. Working with Mind Health, a treatment approach Dr. Zielesch developed for balancing and integrating neurological psychology with physical, mental, emotional, social, relational, and spiritual aspects of individuals, and with comprehensive and culturally competent services, Healing Becomes Possible! Brainspotting, developed out of EMDR by David Grand, Ph.D., is a powerful trauma treatment modality Dr. Zielesch uses effectively with many people. Other trauma treatment approaches she incorporates include Emotional Freedom Technique "EFT Tapping" and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.